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Wooden Swing Sets and Jungle Gyms are a
direct link to the past, aren't they?  When I pass a park or someone's home
that has a nice play set, it takes me back to when I was a kid.  I remember
going to the park when I was little and playing on these fort type swing sets
for what never seemed like enough time, no matter how long I had been there. With the world is today, based around and centrally focused on technology, it's so important to get the kids unplugged and outside using their imaginations. I really like for my children to enjoy going to the playground at the local park, but the whole time I am there I keep wondering what germs they are going to pick up and give to their siblings or the unwholesome things they are going to pick up from the other kids.  It has become ever more important in the current times to provide your children with safe alternatives to the local playground, jungle gyms and swings.

A great way to get your kids outside into the sun and breathing some fresh air, while stimulating their imaginations is to give them a healthy, fun way to exercise.  We carry a number of very high quality
wood swing sets
that can be assembled with ordinary household tools, such as a screwdriver and a hammer.  We have several wood swing sets, jungle gyms and slides that don't require any measuring or cutting. All the cutting and measuring is done for you, all you have to do is read the step-by-step instruction manual and build it!  We work with the leading manufacturer's in the wood swing set industry including names brands like, Gorilla Playsets and Kidwise.

One day when I was eight years old, I came home from school to find my father's truck in the driveway, which was odd because he never arrived home for at least an hour after I got home from school.  As I got closer to the house I could hear the sounds of a skill saw and hammering coming from the backyard.  Rounding the corner of the house, I could see the cause of commotion which had peaked my interest!  My father had taken the day off work to build a tree fort, which wasn't more than a box on stilts, but I thought it was the greatest thing in the world.  Combined with the old swing set in the backyard, it offered hours upon hours of fun for myself and my siblings. These are the memories I want for my children, but with the hustle and bustle of life in the new millennium, few of us have the time or skill to produce something like my dad had built. You can however, still make memories for your children as well with that old hammer and screwdriver!

Building Memories - Take one of our swing sets, jungle gym or a playhouse home today.  What your kids will remember most is that YOU build it just for them. Bring your family together with the help of Gorilla Playsets!

Stimulate their imaginations and encourage healthy exercise while making it fun with the
Blue Ridge Frontier
Gym set. The frontier features a classic tongue and grove roof design giving it an authentic Frontier appeal. Fun and adventure abound with a trapeze, swings, rock climbing, a climbing rope ladder, a built in sandbox, a wave slide, Picnic table and so much more! The adventures are only limited by your child's healthy imagination. Keeping safety in mind, Gorilla Playsets designed the jungle gym with powder coated chains.  Built to last with premium preserved pine lumber to prevent decay, wood rot and fungi growth. Many accessories are available for all of our Playsets and Gyms.

Even though these swing sets have everything that kids want, it's important
to remember that this is an investment and that your getting a safe playground for your children as well as your piece of mind all at a great value.  We pride ourselves here at
BNP Discounts Furniture Gallery
, for providing excellence in every item we offer to our customers and with Gorilla Playsets you get the very highest in quality and value. Retail chains may offer this style of gym at a higher dollar, but you may not get the quality.  The quality of our playsets speak for themselves, and regularly exceed the competition in craftsmanship and durability.

What are you waiting for?  Start creating some good memories with your
children today.

by: BNP Discounts Furniture Gallery


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